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Registration starts at 4PM

• Limited to the first 27 player

• $10 Entry Fee

• $50 Buy In

• Players will receive $5,000 in tournament chips.

• Optional $10 Dealer Special receive an additional $2,000 in chips.

• $500 added to the pot: There will be an option for players to purchase an add-on at the 1st break for $40 that will give $10,000 worth of tournament chips. This will only be available at the time of the 1st  The player must already have chips in play and be in the tournament to purchase this add-on.  The $40 from each add-on will be added to the prize pool for the tournament. All buy-in money collected will be returned to the players in the prize pool.

• Blind & limits will increase every 20 minutes. See link below for payout structure.



1. Players will draw for seat assignment.

2. A player seated in a live game when registration starts will have priority at sign up.

3. Players are responsible for protecting their own hand.

4. All players at the finale table must agree before being allowed to split the prize pool.

5. Any player behaving in a disruptive behavior DOES NOT receive any monies back.

6. Players must have all chips in plain view of all the players at all times.

7. All other Jena Choctaw Pines Casino Room rules and procedures apply.

JCPC reserves the right to disqualify any payout with just cause and reserves the right to cancel or modify this promotion with required approval. Any patron who has any dispute, disagreement or other grievance with a Gaming Operation that involves currency, tokens, or any other thing of value, may seek resolution of such dispute from the following persons and in the following order:
1. A member of the staff relevant to the Gaming Operation.
2. The supervisor of the area of the relevant Gaming Operation in which the dispute arose.
3. The manager of the relevant Gaming Operation.
4. The Commission.
Management reserves the right to cancel, change or modify the tournament, promotion, or drawing at any time. Gaming promotion rules require JBCGC approval (MISC 543.12(b)). Any changes to a gaming promotion are not valid unless JBCGC approves the change. Any deviation from approved rules governing the gaming promotion will result in license suspension up to and/or fines.

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